Cedar Sap From Dispersing Tree Pods – Easy Removal Remedy

In the months when the trees start dispersing their seeds you will find that some varieties have sap in them that sticks to your shoes and finds its way to your wood floors.

The seeds and pods you see here are from Cedar trees. The seeds when squished have sticky sap.

There is a product called Goof Off the Miracle Remover I have found that works great for removing the sticky substance, sap, from your laminate or wood floors, clothing, table tops and anywhere else it disperses the gummy goo.

Now I’ve tried for many seasons to find a way to get the sap off my floors without losing the shine. There are harsh products that will take off this gummy goo, but will leave a slight dullness to your wood or laminate floors.

The other day I was painting one of my birdhouses and didn’t realize that I had gotten the bright green paint on my favorite black sweat shirt I brought back from my Myrtle Beach trip. I was so bummed out that I had ruined my sweat shirt with paint and glue mixed in.  I grabbed my goof off spray and squirted it on the paint spot, scrubbed it with a rough sponge and it came right off. I then rinsed it with water and it didn’t even fade the color. I’m impressed!

You can also use WD40 to remove sap from floors, but it’s greasy and leaves a film. Just a little tidbit of information for those who need proof of use, it’s got my vote.

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